“Beyond the Mint” Hired by Charlotte Ballet through one of the amazing Directors and Choreographers Duane Cyrus, JONBOYONDABEAT was able to be a part of this production by providing unique music and sounds. Produced by JONBOYONDABEAT, “Third Eye” can be heard playing in the background of this sneak peek and interview with The Great Duane Cyrus Performances January 24-February 15 2020 Innovative Works takes place at the Center for Dance CHARLOTTE BALLET 701 N. TRYON ST. CHARLOTTE, NC 28202 704. 372.0101
JONBOY’s first Live Performance as a Christian Rapper accompanied by the sounds of the outstanding band FORTRESSES led by Zachery Hines at the Train Station Restaurant Cipher Tuesday Newport News Va
While scrolling on mobile social media platforms, JONBOYONDABEAT was inspired to write and record about what appeared to be trending. “Black Window” was created. Released Nov. 2019
From the Music Producer JONBOYONDABEAT, This story is about a young girl who loses her self-esteem after being teased and made fun of for being different. In the end, with a little guidance from a doll who witnesses the events, she learns to love herself no matter what others may say. "Come what may, I am Alie Rose, and I'm here to stay." Illustrated by his high school friend, Aziza Latique Albergottie Published Nov. 2019
With the Music Producer and Christian Artist John Dixon of Gifted & Talented Ent., JONBOYONDABEAT Co-Produced and featured on the single titled “LOST” Released Jun. 2019
Produced and featuring JONBOYONDABEAT, this was the first collaborative work with Vinny Mac. “Like This” Released Nov. 2019
…a fragile monolith is a collaborative movement investigation by North Carolina State Arts Council Choreography Fellow, Duane Cyrus. It uses lyricism, speed, and dynamic energies to question perceptions of power in monolithic societal paradigms or constructs––whatever those might be for us. Cyrus uses a creative process called Theatre of Movement, working collaboratively with the class and research assistants Billy James Hawkains and Lauren Kelly to create a tableau that shifts through conceptual environments allowing each viewer to consider the work in their own way. Choreography by Duane Cyrus Choreographic Assistants: Billy James Hawkains III, Lauren Kelly Music by JONBOYONDABEAT, and Chance Scenic Design and Costumes by Duane Cyrus Created in Collaboration with the Cast: Toni Clarke, Cheyanne Greenaway, Morgan Jones, Shainyce Jones, Sierra Taylor, Taylor Taylor, Sarah Wickham Special Thanks to Martin Kane, Adrienne Powell, Kayley Sulc, Chania Wilson Performed Nov. 2019
Produced by Alvin Jonathan Saunders AKA JONBOYONDABEAT & Johnny Paden Jr. AKA 43 Two Brother-In-Laws came together and formed GOOD QUESTION? In January 2020, they released their first album “TEST SAMPLE”
While trying to soothe my 5 month old daughter, I found myself in the studio singing to her. I ended up creating this lullaby for my “ROSE BUD” and decided to share it with the world Dec. 2019.