Alvin Jonathan Saunders aka JONBOYONDABEAT is a man of many talents.  He was born and raised in Portsmouth VA. Early in life he recognized his desire to work in the field of music.  He’s dedicated his life to creativity, exploring music opportunities, and developing tools to help others.   He spent his early career as a deputy sheriff and police officer.  This enabled him to make a positive impact on the community and to make an impression on the youth of today.  This compassion and enthusiasm have led him to work closer with students in an urban setting in the field of Education.  Currently, he spends his time working with students in grades KG-5th grade teaching/assisting in movement education. Creativity has always been at the forefront of his life’s ambitions.  He recently wrote a children’s book series entitled, “JONBOYONDABEAT presents Tiny Stories.  This first book series reflects  the story of ALIE ROSE.  ALIE ROSE has been completed and waiting publication. The second book series is called, “SAY YOUR PRAYERS”!  This series is on its way to becoming an award-winning children’s book series.  The storyline was completely done my Mr. Saunders and the illustration was completed by his high school friend, Aziza Latique Albergottie. Jonathan has built an in-home studio to ensure a workspace for himself and for his clients.  Currently, he has been hired by “Now Faith” to produce their music Album.  In addition to this, he is creating and developing music for UNCG University and for the Charlotte Ballet.   In his spare time, his passion for music is captivated as he plays drums for the Little Zion Baptist Church.  He diligently hones his craft by also playing the piano, writing songs, and performing at various venues. In his spare time, Jonathan loves playing with his adorable little girl using her voice to create beats and overtures for production purposes.  He is married to Tenisha R. Saunders and enjoys life as a Christian Centered individual.    
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